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Newborn Frequently Asked Questions

1.  When is the best time to schedule my newborn session?

Best to book early, to ensure you have a spot on my calendar.  Book when you are pregnant, around 20-25 weeks.  



2.  What is the best age to have Newborn Photos?

Newborn sessions are generally scheduled  within the first two weeks of life. This is the best time to capture the fresh curled up sleepy poses.   They also fit into my amazing rompers.  After two weeks, babies are more alert and like to stretch out their arms and legs.  Baby acne also sets in around the two week mark.  


3.  Why does it matter if Baby sleeps durning the session? 

Baby’s eyes are not always focused when they are so young, they sometimes cross. They also have jerky movements that can startle them.  When awake, they may be fussy and cry, 

and they usually want to be held or to feed.   (Understandably so! )



4.  Where do you take the Newborn photos?

Only in my studio, located in my home  on Staten Island, NY.  I do not travel for newborn sessions.  



5.   What if I deliver my baby early? Or what if the baby arrives late? 

 I will reschedule your session if needed.  We pretty much have a 2 week window to work with.   I book Sessions ~ 7 Days after due date.  



5.  Do I need to buy Newborn clothing? 

Not when you book with Bella Marie.  I have a large assortment of both boys’ and girls’ clothing and props to choose from.

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